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Hi I am Stephanie. I am happiest when I’m cooking great plant-based meals to share with my family, friends and clients. I absolutely LOVE sharing my knowledge and skills about the vegetarian/vegan world. I have always wanted to help people and chose to get my undergraduate degree in Social Work as my way to get started doing so. After college I moved home to Bainbridge Island with my high school sweetheart, worked in the field for awhile and started our family. During this time, I lost both of my parents to disease while they were only in their 50’s. Those two painful experiences drove me to question just about everything, including what quality of life truly means and how important it is to me. Their loss also inspired me to go back to school and become a Health and Wellness Coach. I loved working with my clients and helping guide them toward their best health and vitality. While working with them, though, I kept coming back to food as medicine. I really saw that the very best foundation to health starts with the foods we choose, particularly plant-based foods. So, back to school I went, this time completing two Professional Plant-Based Cooking Certifications. I am proud of my journey towards health and am excited to see where it goes. I really do see this as a journey we are all on, it’s never a straight and easy path which is what reminds us that we are human. If you are interested in allowing me to help guide you along your journey, I would be honored.


I know that good food is the very best tool we have to find our healthiest selves.

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