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Thank you! I will contact you to schedule our initial meeting.

I'd Love to Get Started


Free 30 Minute Consult 

For all prospective clients. In person or by phone. This consultation gives us time to go over where you are now, your health goals, and current needs and how I might be able to support you on your journey 


Personal Chef Services

Weekly/ Bi-Weekly/ 1x a Month, Stock Up

2 hr minimum $60 per hour + grocery costs, $30 planning/shopping fee


Kitchen Clean-Out/Overhaul

1 1/2 hrs $100

Personalized once over of your kitchen space to evaluate areas needing improvement and gaining ideas about new ways to organize. We will be looking to maximize efficiency while learning about healthy product swaps for your favorite or frequently purchased items. Your refrigerator, freezer, pantry space a general kitchen set up will be addressed. You will feel confident about moving forward


Plant-Based Grocery Tour

1 1/2 hrs $100

Join me on a tour of Town and Country Market to learn where to find the healthiest choices. We will go over all my favorite (found through lots of trial and error) plant-based staples and the best alternatives for all the foods you would like to limit or eliminate. This shopping tour is incredibly helpful coupled with the Kitchen Clean-Out and makes a very productive time together.


Kitchen Coaching

Weekly/ Bi-Weekly/ As Desired

2 hr minimum $60 per hour + grocery costs, $30 planning/shopping fee

Completely tailored to your needs. Sessions can be helping with organizing your kitchen in a way that allows you to prepare healthy meals with confidence. We can also focus on reducing animal products and learning about the best alternatives for you and your family. Learn how to ‘veganize’ your favorite recipes. Everything we do will focus on new techniques and new ingredients to build both your kitchen confidence and your recipe index. Perhaps the best part is being able to eat all your hard work.

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