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Starting a Plant-based Diet the Right Way

My wife and I recently made the decision to switch to plant-based food... and I have to say, Chef Steph set us up for success right out of the gate. First, we talked about all the great advantages of this lifestyle, building our enthusiasm, then she focused in on how to make this a super-easy transition.

It was quite a switch for me, as I had been on a Keto diet for the month prior, and though I had lost a few pounds, I felt terrible.

First, she said, tell me all the foods and meals you love and let’s figure out how to make those by swapping out the meat and dairy... Second, what are all the foods you don’t like and we’ll make sure to keep them out of our plan. 

So, we set about figuring out how to make carnitas, chile verde, ginger chicken, jerked pork, dan dan noodles, and more. She is an amazing chef, and served up great samples of ‘tuna fish’ sandwiches, some awesome side dishes, and tastes of some main dishes that are can’t-fail alternatives any night – even for our children, who couldn’t care less about this diet. :-)

Then it was on to the list of “don’t likes.” As I started to list them, they were surprisingly all animal-based – liver (or other organ meats), gamey poultry, too-fishy seafood, dark-meat pork or chicken, goat milk/cheese, runny egg yolks, etc.  (So wait, I get to eat what I like and avoid what I don’t?  I’m totally channeling my inner 3-year old!)

But, why make the switch to Vegan/Plant-based?

· It’s sustainable, as a species we’re starting to overwhelm our animal-protein sources

· It’s better for the environment – no need to clear-cut the Amazon to graze cattle

· It’s safer to eat – much lower chance to run into e.coli, salmonella, trichinosis, etc.

· We're not supporting those horrible factory farms and their inhuman treatment of animals

· I *feel* better – seriously better...crazily, I'm happier, less anxious and more relaxed

· My blood pressure & cholesterol have dropped already

· ...and the most unexpected side-effect – I actually look younger!

Now for a real challenge... my company is sending me on a set of business trips to western Nebraska - I can't wait to see how this goes!


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